Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 problem


5 Jun 2005
I insert my RCT3 disk to play the game which is installed, and it says 'please insert RCT3 disk : Retry : Cancel.

I'm shouting at my PC saying it is in for **** sake.

So please help me before i kick it to bits, please.

What do i do. I can see no scratches on the disk, or dust, or any marks.


The Bob.
Do you have more then one CDROM? Some need to use the same on you installed it with.
Lancer : thank you very much
i had to try like 5 differnt ones, they all crashed it but i found one that works. now if i can only get san andreas to work.
bob, just search for san andreas in game copy world, they have one there as well. or is it another issue you have with that?
you do have a nose for it dont you shamus.... :)

it may be, but then thats up to bobs, i use that site because i really don't like having to get my cds or dvds out everytime i want to play a game.
I got no problems with all that just around here rules say we are not allowed to post links to and talk about this stuff.
I Get The Problem When Trying To Install Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
Component transfer error
Component: EURO
File Group: EURO
File: E:\
Error: Data error (Cyclic Redundancy Check).

What Can I Do To Help It ?
I Need To Install The Game Or Im Not Allowed Rct3: Wild =:(
CRC errors on the cd you got from the store right ? I highly doubt it .. if so take it back and get it exchanged.
shamus, its not really unlikely, if the cd is scratched or dirty this error will come up, kill make sure that is not the cae, otherwise it is as shamus says.
Most times when it is dirty or scratched you will get an unable to read from cd error message not a CRC that comes from a bad copy99% of the time.

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