Rogue Spear no-go in XP Pro



Hi all... here's the problem. I tried installing the 2.05 patch for Rogue Spear, but the progress indicator hits 100% then freezes. It has no effect on the game (still doesn't work).
Ubisoft refuses to lend any support (they won't support Rogue Spear on anything passed Win98).

My HDD is split into 5 partitions, the game is installed on my E:\ drive. I am running TBird 800, ATi Radeon (the old original), and have installed all the latest drivers for both mobo and video card.

Any thoughts?
Thanks to the search feature (and a post by accudean), I have discovered a work around. Seems using Win95 compatibility mode does the trick.

Just so everybody knows, I was experiencing problems when trying to sidestep (I use the side buttons on my mouse for that). There would be a delay, then my character would just keep on going after I released the button.

Also, my Game Commander software wouldn't work unless I changed tasks (alt+tab) then switched back, but then the screen would be black.

Changing compatibilty mode solved all my problems. I am now overjoyed to be playuing Rogue Spear!
Hmmmm, I've had no problems getting Rogue Spear to work, even with the 2.05 patch. I'm using XP Pro also, so it must be something system-wise that doesn't allow it to work. As long asit works for you even with 95 Compatability, then all is well I guess.
I agree with you. It must be something specific to my system. I have talked to several others that haven't experienced any problems and have been able to install the 2.05 patch fine.

The game actually ran without any problems, it was only when I tried to use the side buttons on my mouse or use my Game Commander voice recognition software. Neither worked very well.
My friends are using XP and they don't have problems either...

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