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Robots Wrote This...


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Last week South Korean firm D2E Robotics announced an advanced, two-legged robot that sells for $750 and can be programmed from a PC by users.
How do I know this? A robot told me.
That "robot" was the world's most popular human-free news service, Google News.
Feeding the word "robot" into Google's news robot, I came up with more tales of robots. There's Brewtron, the "viral" party robot invented by a beer company. Ballbot (I kid you not) is a robot that pivots on a ball-shaped base and helps care for the elderly. Da Vinci, a robot nurse, is designed to assist with urological microsurgery. And, rounding up the week's list of new bots, BOSS is described as a "battery operated smart servant" but is actually an intelligent shopping trolley designed to replace the inventor's clumsy sister. (Her annoying tendency to hit him with the cart, apparently, warranted her replacement by a machine. It's understandable.)..
heres a brief quote from there...

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