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Ripping to MP3 in WMP9


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I'm trying to re-rip all my music into MP3 format vs. wma, but WMP9 only seems to want to rip it in WMA. Is there a plug-in or other file that I can use to do this? I want to do everything in WMP9, because I'm a stickler for using what I'm comfortable with. :p

I'm doing this because I won an iPod, and the stupid thing won't read WMA files.

Any help here? Unless there's some kind of firmware update to force the iPod to read WMAs, I need to spend a day or two going through and re-ripping. :) Thanks!



WinTMBG Professional
Hmm...well the ones that Microsoft suggests are ones that I have to pay for (Boooooo!)

And the one that you gave me, bluzeboy, says that I need to install an MP3 codec and do some reg editing. Where would I get an MP3 codec?



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If you're ripping for use on an iPod, then I highly recommend downloading iTunes (free) and ripping the CDs to the AAC format. The files sound better than MP3, they are the same size, and of course the iPod read them just fine. I know this because I recently got an iPod and was convinced to switch from MP3 to AAC. And don't blame Apple for not supporting WMA files, it's Microsoft who doesn't want Apple supporting WMA! ;)



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muzikool said:
The files sound better than MP3, they are the same size,
Hate to bicker with you muzikool, but if mp3 can sound transparent (cannot distinquish from the album in double blind tests) then AAC can't sound better. It could sound the same. Alot also depends on what is being encoded. I can show you plenty of samples that encode better with LAME mp3. There are still alot of downsides to AAC for alot of folks: DRM, cross-platform support, portable (other than ipod) support, buggy encoders, constantly evolving encoders...

Don't get me wrong, I think AAC has great potential. I just don't think that it's there yet.


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I should have been more specific. I can clearly hear the difference between a 128kbps MP3 and a 128kbps AAC files, and the AAC files sounds better. I think that a 128kbps AAC is close to the quality of a 192kbps MP3... both with good encoding. I do agree though that high bitrate MP3s are pretty much indistinguishable from the source, but I think the same can be said for AACs. You're right that the AAC format isn't as convenient of account of DRM and such, but if the files are just used for the iPod then I still think it's the way to go.


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The .msi is the installer, and the other two files are registry entries that you can install by double-clicking them.


What he ^ said.

Unzip the files,
doubleclick the msi file to install the codec
The installer sets the available bitrates at 128, 160, 192, and 256.
If you want 56, 128, 256, and 32o instead doubleclick the Hqwmp8.reg file to get these bitrate options in WMP.


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One more question, and I think I'll stop being annoying after that. :D

What pitrate is "CD-Quality"? And why would I want to rip at a higher bitrate than that?



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Technically, no MP3 is "CD-Quality," however most ears can not tell the difference between a track on a CD and a track encoded as a high bitrate MP3. That being said, the higher the bitrate MP3, the better the quality. Personally, I would rip at no lower than 192kbps. 192kbps or 256kbps sounds excellent, and 320kbps is the best. Of course, the higher the bitrate, the larger the file size, so your amount of disk space will be a factor to consider.


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Variable bitrate files change bitrate througout the song. Lesser complex parts of the track require a lower bitrate, and more complex parts require higher. It's basically a way of averaging out the bitrate to get the optimal file size and quality. :)

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