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ripping just audio from an mpeg


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can anyone tell me how to do this? i want to rip the audio from a mpeg and put it onto a cd and also seperate the tracks into either mp3's or .wav files.

thanks in advance,


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I know that Adobe Premiere does this, because I have the app and have done it before. However, Premiere is not a cheap program, and I wouldn't recommend buying it just to rip audio from a video file. I'll take a look around and let you know if I find something else.
VirtualDub can demux mpegs for you. If you want a program that specifically does just that, what you're looking for is an "AVI Demultiplexer".


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VirtualDub... of course! I've used this program for years and never even noticed that you could copy audio. Definitely a good choice there. It will copy to .wav, and then all you have to do is encode it into whatever format you wish.

Quick info on AVI (mpeg, etc.):

AVI is just two files (one audio and one video) combined, or "multiplexed", together. They're not mixed like paint, but more like they're intertwined like two cords of a rope. And just like a rope, those two pieces can be separated without having to re-encode either one.

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