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Ripping eps from a dvd?


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I just bought season 1 of lost..i havent seen it yet only a few from season 2. Anyways im about to go on a trip and ill bring my ipod and my xbox(modded). I want to rip the episodes from the dvd and either put them on my ipod or my xbox, im not sure yet. Anyways when i put movies or what not on either device i use AutoGK. Can u rip show episodes with this app, or is there a much better way to do this. I also have nero with recode, but i dislike mp4 files on my xbox, plays em kinda weird...


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Slimfady said:
I suggest you go through:
you can pick the format you want to convert to and it will guide you to a way to do it. You'll need some reading, but u'll find a free way to do it.

The easy (but paid) way to do it is to use ImToo converters. They really rock, i have the iPod video converter and it's really easy to use, but a bit slow.
Check their home page for more info:
isnt imtoo the same as xilisoft or whatever. i got a demo, but the sound is soooooo off..can you fix that?


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you can use VirtuaDub to get the audio and TMPGEnc to reformat to whatever format you like.
But i assume the audio should be fine in xilisoft as soon as u have all your codecs installed.

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