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Rip Videos From TV

Videos: Use a tv-card so that you can watch tv on your pc and then you can simply record everthing to your hdd.
DVD: Need a bunch of progs, do a search...
If I understand you right, you want to record a video on your hdd?? If so then connect your tv-out from your vid-card to the tv-in from your vcr.


no it wont he cant produce a tv picture on p.c with out tv card or new graphic card that supports that.

the tv-out will only play his p.c movies or desktop on tv wont go other way.

i got new g-force4 with tv-out and video-in and stil cant record tv as no way of modulation tv signal without dedicated device but i can record a video tape to hdd using video-in.
DVD ripping is not hard, you need to have a program to recognize VOBs and the copy them, then you need to convert the VOBs to a normal compressed format, then line up the video and audio and you are done. just takes processing power.


i havent got a vidcard wit video in, but i have a request, is there someone who lives in holland, and can rip from mtv, cuz i'm a huge fan of Green Lizard, and they have a new single called Wrong, but since i can't rip and i can't find the clip anywhere on the internet, is there anyone who can help me by ripping it....?????


cool man...dankje...ik kan alleen Turn Around vinden van hun weetjewel....dusse als je dat zou willen doen ben ik je eeuwig dankbaar...:D

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