RingCentral Give-away (Fantastic prizes)

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Dec 2, 2001
RingCentral Give-away

Start date: April 17, 2010
End date: April 21, 2010

If you haven't read it yet take a look at the RingCentral review written by our very own X-Istence.

Joining the contest:

We have an absolutely fantastic contest that is running, and it is extremely simple for you to join in! How will this contest work? The contest will work by having you, the OSNN.net member write a short entry on why you believe you should be the person to win the contest, please send a private message to osnncompetition (Direct link to private message). Please send your private message once, only the first entry will be read, any duplicate entries will be thrown away.

You are allowed to enter on more than one website at a time, please take advantage of this, as you may not win here. If you have won once on one of the many sites this contest is running you are no longer allowed to enter or win on another site, and if it is found that you did submit on multiple websites and won on multiple websites we reserve the right to pick a backup winner who will then receive the prize.

Anyone located anywhere in the world is able to win this competition, RingCentral does not operate outside of the US, Canada and the UK, so anyone who does win outside of those jurisdictions will receive the cash equivalent.

Anyone that is affiliated, works for, or has ties to the extended OSNN.net family will unfortunately not be allowed to participate.

What you can win:

A single winner picked by OSNN.net management will win the following:

  • 12 months of Free RingCentral Mobile service
  • OSNN.net membership for an Ad-free site experience

What you might win if you win here:

Out of all the winners of all of the contests on the various websites (list available below, with sincere apologies for not posting it sooner) 5 people will be picked who will get an ultimate small business start-up package which contains the following:

"Your Business is Calling"
  • Virtual Phone System (RingCentral)
    • 12 months service - Ringcentral Mobile
    • More info
  • Company incorporation (LegalZoom)
    • Standard Package + $100 Towards State Filing Fees
    • Yes, this means you will have a completely valid corporation for the state you are incorporating in!
    • Preliminary corporation name clearance
    • Filing of Articles of Incorporation
    • Custom corporate bylaws
    • Action by written consent of incorporator
    • Resolutions of the first meeting of the Board of Directors
    • More info
  • Logo Design Service (LogoWorks)
    • Gold package
    • 3 Designers
    • 6 Logo Concepts
    • Unlimited revisions
    • Multiple file formats
    • More info
  • Business Cards (Vistaprint)
  • Web Hosting account (Blue host)
    • 12 Months Service
    • Free domain name
    • More info

List of websites that are participating:

I wish you all good luck with this contest, if you have any questions or concerns please add them to this thread, and one of the OSNN.net team members will attempt to answer your questions.
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