Right click on movie = black screen

I don't know if this is being caused by Windows Media Player 9 or SP2 since I just installed them both almost at the same time, but whenever I right click any movie file, the screen goes black for a second and then a preview thumbnail is shown in the lower left corner of the folder I'm viewing. It never did this before.. :confused:


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i have had the same prob when i try to capture a screen of my crash to put on my desktop. I member there is a certain way to do it but its been awhile since i did it last.


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The whole screen goes black or just the preview area? Also what video drivers are you using and have you installed any codec packs?
The whole screen goes black for a split second, and when the screen comes back the preview is there. I'm using the 61.76 drivers, I downloaded those and of course the next day 61.77s come out. Maybe those are causing it? And that's a negative on the codec packs.