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OSNN One Post Wonder
Someone has asked for my help with their machine.
It appears it has some how got a link to an unsavoury site when they right click on a webpage (where you see the save as, save image as, etc etc)
My first thought is a hijacker, but They have run "Spybot", "Ad-Aware", "Norton Antivirus", "Spywareblaster" and "CWShredder" and nothing has been found (all updated and shredder was most recent download.

This is on a Windows 98 machine..

The only thing I can think of is its going to have been added somewhere in the registry.

any ideas ?

(oh and hello, I'm obviously new here, not new to boards but new here)


OSNN One Post Wonder
oh by the way I have to help this person over a discussion board and they are only a normal user (not a computer expert in any shape or form )



OSNN One Post Wonder
Wouldn't that only allow you to set how or what opens a particular file type?

Not as in this case add an internet short cut to the right click menu ?

I know you can do things like add "edit" to a HTML file and make it open with notepad would it be possible to add "Link to Site" and make it open with the extension for explorer plus the site addresss? - I but would that make it appear when view a page and not just clicking on a a file ?


OSNN One Post Wonder
Run hijack this and its spotted it -

08- Extra content menu item: >>>> Movies <<<<<< javascript:{document location =

I've left the link off for obvious reasons.

Does hijack this allow you to highlight that and remove it ?

(suppose I could download it and have a look)


OSNN One Post Wonder
Ah yes

it appears you can click on it and fix selected problem, they had to reset before it all went but now its fixed...

thank you very much....

good call...

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