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Right Click Arrange Icons By

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Right Click \ Arrange Icons By

When I go to arrange the folders & files within a folder using the 'arrange icons by', they always line up backwards......z to a....then when I arrange them straight after they go....a to z.
How can I get them to go.....a to z.....the first time? :confused:


go into details view, click the sort bar thingy at the top so that its a - z.

then go back to ur normal view than save this setting...

should work?


spoon feeding

1. open the stubborn folder

2. then at the top click: view

3. write down on paper what type of view is currently selected (thumbnails, tiles, icons, list, or details)

4. now, click view > details

5. name, size, type, and date modified should appear above the icons in the stubborn folder.

6. click the name bar (above the icons) until the arrow is pointing up.

7. now, click view > and select the option you had written down on the paper from #3 above.

enjoy :D


hardware monkey
don't know about that, but i'd just make the folder the way you want it, then go to tools > folder options > 'view' tab > 'apply to all folders' button.

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
This must be my problem only. I have got the folders setup as I want them. The other methods described above do exactly the same thing as right click\arrange icons by.......
Suppose I'll have to put up with it. Thanks anyway. :D

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