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RIAA Sues the Dead in Latest Round


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"Death is no obstacle to feeling the long arm of the Recording Industry Ass. of America."

I wonder if Assosciation(sp?) was shortened on purpose :D

Son Goku

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Noticed this earlier... Clearly being dead (and that there elderly lady didn't even like computers or want them around according to her daughter) aren't an issue with the Recording Industry A$$. of America :D

Some might think it wrong, but I couldn't stop laughing for awhile after having read this... As I commented elsewhere

I'd just "love" to hear how the RIAA lawyers could argue this one. Perhaps "dead lady used computer from the other side which was conspicuously plugged into John Edwards rectum to make the music uploads to the realm of the dead possible" :rofl
Then again, knowing these numb nuts, they might try to get the court to order a deceased person to pay a fine :speechless:

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