RIAA & Apple will not approve!


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19 Mar 2004
Copy songs between two ipods

Some might argue the legal implications of this device, however, I’m confident that anyone using this would only be swapping non-copyrighted material.

That has to be a joke, right? Not really sure how this works anyway with encrypted tracks that must be authorized by the iTunes account to play. Interesting, nonetheless.
Their is going to be a way to clone the identifier, only a matter of time.
Apple & the RIAA have nothing to argue about with this:

How does miShare handle DRM files, such as locked purchases from the iTunes Store?
miShare is a personal publishing device for sharing your own media, including videos and photos, any time and anywhere. miShare strictly honors all digital rights management (DRM), including purchases from Apple's iTunes. miShare does not unlock DRM. Locked DRM files are copied to the disk area of the target iPod, for fresh authorization with a valid password. iTunes purchases can be authorized for multiple computers and iPods.
Cool little gadget if I actually spent money on an Mp3 player. iPods and all those players look cool but they just are something I don't need. I've also seen quite a few friends have iPods just up and die for no reason.
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its pretty cool... and, who uses drm'd files anyway? ;)
um.. i think im missing the joke... :p

well, its early here (well, not really, but i did just woke up :] )

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