RFI and DSL modems...



Anybody have any ideas what all causes RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) with DSL modems. I have had some problems with disconnects at night (night only) and have some suspicions that RFI may be playing a factor. I have heard that lights can cause interference, but ussually the same lights are on during the day as at night. The nearest street light is about 200 feet away.

I did figure out something tonight though, my wife's treadmill (out of all things...hehehe) cuase it to disconnect with certian beeps it makes for raising/lowers/speed adjustments. I verfified this also. Wierd!

Note for Highwind777: i performed exorcism, but no help!

Should I invest in RFI filters? How much do they run? Do they actually work? Where do I get them? bla bla bla...

And can RFI damage the modem over time?

Thanks for any inputs!

A better investment would be a UPS unit... it will filter everything for you and offer added security from power surges/lulls/blackouts.

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