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Rewriteble CD's & DVD's

I just upgraded my system from XP to Windows 7 64-bit and am looking for info about the feature in 7 that allows CD and DVD R/W discs to be treated like a USB flash drive. I am able to drag and drop files and directories from Windows Explorer onto the DVD burner drive and this works just fine (as long as the disc is formatted "like a USB flash drive") - Windows does treat the disc like a flash drive.

My problem is that I need to be able to save files to rewritable discs from other programs (i.e. Quicken Deluxe 2009). When I load the disc into my burner and tell Quicken to take a backup to it, Quicken returns a dialog containing text "CD backup error!".

I also upgraded to Nero Multimedia Suite 10 when I upgraded Windows and found that InCD is no longer part of the Nero package. This is the program that let Quicken write to the R/W discs when I was running XP.

Do you know where I can find out more about how to get Windows to allow Quicken (and other programs) to write to an R/W disc? Is this even possible or am I wasting my time looking?
Quicken 2010 still doesn't allow backing up to cdrw/dvdrw directly they claim they are working on a fix but that was several months ago when i talked to them. They recommend that you backup to a usb drive or directly to the hard-drive then copy to the rw disk. the incd program still doesn't help with this problem. In-cd formats the rw disk then you can copy to it just like another drive

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