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24 Jan 2002
Just picked up the samsung mega and MAN I LOVE THIS PHONE!

It does not have the fastest or latest internal hardware, only a dual core processor, the screen does not have the definition of their note 3;

1.7GHz dual-core processor, 8 megapixel rear,. 1.9 front camera


The screen is even larger then then their note three, (6.3-inch HD) and this thing is magnificent for surfing, gps, reading. Playing. videos and pictures are open eye fun instead squint to see, whoever you show a pic or vid to is in awe.

the speaker is larger to match the device so the speaker phone and navigation prompts are great, also, since the phone is so big the battery can be bigger too, 3,200mA and battery life seems terrific right now.

I suspect the note3 is snappier, with it's quad core and I did see some lag, I'm sure the note3 screen has better crisper images but the mega is a few hundred dollars cheaper then the note and personally, I don't see the differences.

I fell in love with the phone as soon as I went on the internet, reading is a pleasure, navigation buttons are simple to target

And I didn't think this would happen, my lg probably had 4g less throughput capacity as on that device internet speed topped out between 6-10 mbps download, this mega measures 25 MBPS on the same network!

The phone looks cumbersome when you first get it in your hands but that was just perception for me, in just a couple of hours it felt comfortable and easy to use, of course the bigger buttons and icons make the entire phablet experience a pleasure

The cons, I cannot get the air gestures to work, I think I would turn them off if I did get them to work but it would be nice to at least try them out, picture quality does not mean that much to me and I think the note3 has the best camera you can get right now, for me that doesn't matter a stitch

I LOVE THIS PHONE, right now available on metro pcs, I don't know which other carriers are going to get it
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