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[Review] Samsung 226BW 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor


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Product Review: Samsung 226BW 22" WideScreen LCD Display

I purchased the Samsung 226BW 22-Inch Digital/Analog Widescreen LCD Monitor the last week of March 2007. Now I upgraded from a Viewsonic VX922 19-inch LCD (One of my Daughters has it now) which was a good Monitor but it had some drawbacks. The backlight would bleed through around the edges of the screen and the color wasn't really that great.

System used with this Monitor. (My own personal Computer)

*Asus A8V Deluxe Motherboard
*AMD Athlon 64 3500+ running @ 2.7 Ghz
*2 GB Corsair DDR400 PC3200 Ram
*Seagate 80GB UATA HDD
*WesternDigital 120GB UATA HDD
*eVGA GeForce 6800 Ultra
*Cooler Master Extreme 600W Power Supply

Games played with 226BW

*Half-Life 2 Episode One
*Half-Life Lost Coast
* Doom 3 (yes, somewhat old now)
*F.E.A.R. Extraction Point

Applications/Programs used on 226BW

*OpenOffice.org 2.2
*Corel Paint Shop Pro X
*Power DVD Deluxe version 7
*Firefox 2
*Thunderbird 2
*Opera 9.2
*Windows Media Player 11
*Winamp Pro 5.34

Well, anyway, the Samsung 226BW has a standard D-Sub 15 pin connection and a fast DVI-D connection for high resolution. Plus all the Samsung 6-series Widescreen LCD monitors are certified to meet Microsoft Vista's Premium standards. A good plus in my book since I am this close to upgrading to Vista, but not yet. The 226BW has Samsung's MagicColor to improve hue and saturation of colors. And I tell you the colors are beautiful, all 16.7 million of them. No dead pixels backlight bleeding problems or banding. It has exceptional clarity and makes the colors look natural. An ultra-fast 2ms response time (Gray to Gray) and a contrast ratio of 3000:1, this monitor is as crisp as they come. Movies are smooth not blurry, all my games play very vividly, without ghosting or any other unwanted artifacts that you would get with a lesser LCD. Now this Monitor has another of Samsung's proprietary Magic Technologies, MagicBright3. From what I have read
MagicBright3 automatically optimizes brightness, contrast and gamma correction, based on the specific application. With a push of a button, users can easily switch between Text, Internet, Move, Game, Sports, Custom and Print View modes, to help ensure the best picture quality.
Now this is directly from Samsung, but I tell you, it works. You can pretty easily switch between modes depending on what application you are running. I have switched between Game and Text mode to see if there really was a difference when playing games such as Half Life 2 and Prey and have to say, there really is a difference. All these things can be done through MagicTune.
MagicTune is an easy-to-use, on-screen interface that allows users to use their mouse to control all of the Magic Technology picture adjustments from one place.
Again, directly from Samsung. This monitor was released to the public in February/March. But was only really available through on-line e-tailers. I got mine from Buy Dot Com for $320.00 U.S.. Plus there was a $30.00 U.S. Mail in rebate for the month of March 2007. The finish to this Monitor is a glossy Piano Black, very beautiful to look at. It does get smudges from hands/fingerprints very easily but once you have it positioned where you want it why would you want to handle it any more? Now one thing I thought was very thoughtful of Samsung was they include a wiping cloth to clean the screen with. It would be nice if the 226BW had a telescoping stand but where it sits on my desk I really don't need it. Others could feel that this is a necessity.

Now it is rumored that Samsung has panel issues. Samsung supposedly is outsourcing their Panels to two other companies. They are said to be Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), and the other AU Optronics (AUO). On the lower back of the monitor you will see the model number then either a letter A, C, or S (S is Samsung). The rumors state that the A, and C panels don't have the same screen quality of the S. I was delivered the “A” version, but I will say again, this Monitor looks great works great and I have no complaints as to which panel it may have. Well, not yet anyway. Maybe time will tell.

Technical Details are as follows:

*Model number: 226BW
*Viewable size: 22 inches
*Pixel pitch: 0.282 millimeters
*Brightness (typical): 300 cd/m2
*Contrast ratio (typical): 1000:1 (DCR 3000:1)
*Viewing angle (H/V): 160/160 degrees
*Response time: 2ms
*Horizontal frequency: 30-81 kHz
*Vertical frequency: 56-75 Hz
*Maximum resolution: 1680 x 1050
*Maximum color: 16.7 million
*Input video signal: Analog RGB, DVI
*Sync type: Separate H/V, composite , SOG
*Input connectors: 15pin D-sub, DVI-D
*Plug and play: DDC 2B
*USB powered hub option: No
*Mac compatibility: Yes
*On mode: 55 watt (maximum)
*DPMS mode: less than 1 watt
*Power type: Built-in
*Multimedia speakers: No
*Wall-mount: VESA 100 millimeter
*TCO: No
*Cabinet color: Black high glossy
*Stand type: Simple swivel, tilt
*Special features: MagicBright3, DVI (HDCP), Vista Premium certified
*Dimensions (with stand): 20.3 x 16.6 x 8.6 inches/514.6 x 422 x 219.3 millimeters (WxHxD)
*Dimensions (without stand): 23.9 x 6.2 x 19.2 inches/606 x 158 x 488 millimeters (WxHxD)
*Weight: 10.8 pounds/4.9 kilograms
*Warranty: (P/L): 3/3

In closing, I have nothing but praise for this Monitor. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones as to the “A” panel.

I give the Samsung 226BW 22" WideScreen LCD Display 5 out of 5 OSNN Stars.


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Nice review m8 :)

If you want to expand it or stick it in word, I can edit it and we can front-page perhaps?


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I have it saved as a OpenOffice.org file. If you want I can attach it. I could prolly open it in OpenOffice and re-save as a Word doc. Up to you Sazar.


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Sazar, here are the files, one in OpenOffice and the other I saved as Word 6. The image of the monitor in Word 6 was saved very small so you may have to use the image I posted in the thread and insert it as necessary.

That attached file that has the extension .txt you will have to change to .odt The forum doesn't like OpenOffice and won't upload it with it's true extension. :s


Be very careful with this monitor as Samsung outsourced to two other suppliers in order to keep up with demand. Models made by Samsung (S) are very good but the others are not and as they’re all sold as the same model for the same price make sure you find out who actually manufactured it as the price is the same but the quality is vastly different. Google the model number for all the info. I wouldn’t touch any of these models that were not built by Samsung. At least with Dell you get what you paid for.



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http://www.google.com/ :rolleyes:


There is also a subtle nuance you should be aware of when purchasing a 226BW. Early in the production process Samsung used panels produced in house, by Samsung. Later they starting outsourcing the panels to Chi Mei Optoelectronics and AU Optoelectronics. The outsourced panels are thought to be of lesser quality than the Samsung panels, but opinions differ widely. I have read reviews of people with “A” and “C” panels that are absolutely thrilled with their quality. However, nobody really disputes that you can’t go wrong with an “S” panel. How do you tell what you’re getting? Reference this photo:

It’s simple. S = Samsung. A = AU. C = Chie Mei. If you have to go with an “A” or “C” panel then most people lean towards the “C.”
Quoted from here:

Happy now? :cool:
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No I don't think it does. But you can look at the boxes at many of the "Brick and Mortar" stores such as Best Buy CompUSA Fry's and others. And if I remember correctly from when I researched for my review, Samsung isn't producing any of it's panels except for "High End" items (all the rest are being outsourced). Now this is what I remember. Do not take my word for it as the truth. You know, law suits and all that legal stuff.. :nervous:

And to follow up on my review, my Samsung 226BW is still doing great. No problems with it what so ever. Color is great, games are fluid and sharp.

Oh and by the way. I bought A Samsung 906BW 19-Inch Widescreen for 2 of my Daughters (They share one computer) about 2 weeks after I got my monitor. Theirs is doing great also. Both monitors are receiving digital signal input. Funny thing though, they have a "D" on theirs. Go fig.
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I just re-read the review and wanted to find out, the stand, is it adjustable? And no USB hub?

How can this be a 5/5 product without some features you should expect for 300+ :eek:

/me slaps gonaads.


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Because ya don't need a USB hub (Well, you might. But then, you're just needy). Just about all computers be it PC Windows based or Mac have a ton of USB ports plus so many computer cases have USB on the front of the case. The stand is adjustable for tilt but not for height. Only draw back that you could put against it. But for many the height could be just fine as it is. It's perfect for me as where it sits on my desk, so I can't complain.

And the Samsung 245BW 24" Widescreen is extra crispy. And has height adjustment. :D

USB hub... for cryin out loud... /Slaps Sazar with rotten Jelly Fish. :s
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/me slaps gonaads with a midget corpse
Now that's funny. :p

Next thing you'll be askin for is built in speakers and an iPod Dock. :s

Oh go buy a Viewsonic 22" VX2245WM with the ViewDock LCD and iPod Dock & USB Hub. And yes it has a Mem Card reader.

Only problem is that many have said that the quality of the display is good, but not great. And for $400.00 and change? Hmmmm... The built in speakers are lame and the iPod Dock is problematic with 60GB iPods and the adapters that come with it and I read that to configure it (the iPod thingy) is problematic also (and takes a long time to do for some). The buttons on the front of the monitor for settings and shiit are too small. No adjustable stand either. The navigation for the on-screen settings is crappy. And to top it all off many reports of dead screens after a few days to a few hours. Pops followed by white screens or black screens. Panel death. :eek: :p

You see, I thought of buying this Monitor Before I got the Samsung. But no.
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