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Review: Postal Service "Give Up"


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If you haven't heard this album I would absolutely urge you to get it, i've been listening to it solidly for almost a month.

My favorite song is "We will become Silhouettes", what a great song, it seems to be about the troubles of the world. But how the troubles of a relationship are so much the same.

The singer is the guy from Death Cab for Cutie, i've never listened to them, but i probably will now.

"Such great Heights" is the theme song to Greys Anatomy, and the new Civic advert uses the song "We will become Silhouettes".

But every single song on this album is up to par, its not an album with one or two great tracks, but and album with a solid 10 outstanding songs.

The album only has 10 songs...

I can honestly say this is probably my favorite album of all time at this point.


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I have the album but haven't really listened to it.

Check out "Plans" and "Transatlanticism" by Death Cab for Cutie.

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I'll been listening to The Postal Service since forever,my fav is "Don't wake me I plan on sleeping.....Don't wake me I plan on sleeping in" :D


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evil that's sleepin in my favorite song also,

i just got DCFC's two albums, listening to plans now, its also a great album, i'm sure it'll grow on me.
I never even heard of them until I watched the M&Ms commercial with the Sam Beam cover, which wound up being a 2-for-1 for me...I found TWO groups that I like :D


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Yep, I've been listening to Postal Service for a long time, and I got into Death Cab afterwards. Go with Grandmaster's suggestions for the Death Cab albums. Apart from the great music, the guy is a very talented lyricist -- I really enjoy listening to the clever way he words things.

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