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(Review) Logitech 610 Laser Mouse


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(Review) Logitech MX610 Laser Mouse

So i was playing BF2 the other week and my wired optical mouse just kept on catching on the desk service OR it does that thing where it swirls around for no reason.....

.... so off to Best Buy i go (booo), and this is what i got.

As you can see it comes with a dinky little usb ant. which is very useful, i mean whats the point of a wireless mouse if you also have to have an enormous reciever...

... so onto the feel of it. WOW what can i say the difference is staggering, so this may be overkill for some, but (i'll use BF2 as the example, but could also apply to art work in photoshop etc...) in BF2 as a sniper you sometimes, well most of the time need to be really really precise, and the optical just could not do it, it would jump about 5 pixals or so, so it was very difficult to line up a head shot as it always seemed to jumped from either side of the head.

With this mouse it covers every pixal, it doesn't stick to the desk as some mice do. But it is the sheer precision that is staggering, YOU are now in control NOT at the whim of the mouse anymore.

It has 2 buttons on the side which are great in games, so instead of using the k/b for such things as inv or enter you have the mouse buttons, and on the top it also have 5 buttons 2 for the up/down control of sound and one for mute, and the other two alert you of emails AND IM msg's. they actually flash when you have msgs... that could be a great feature. I personally don't us IM, but i could see where others could utlise that, especially if you where in game. Or away from the PC but within eyeshot of the mouse.

It takes one AA battery, which is supplied. One thought i had was great i have to remember to turn the damn thing on and off when i close my pc.... BUT no..... the mouse senses when the USB ant. no longer has power and turns the mouse of for you automatically... that is awesome in my books.


....When you turn the PC on a led light turns green to show you that the AA is still highly charged, eventually it will go red when you turn your pc on to show you that the AA's need to be replace OR when it is on the LED will also turn red when it is time to replace the batteries. The light turns off after awhile to conserve the battery life.

The feel of this mouse if great, i haven't experienced any more cramps in my hand from using this mouse... i always had them before with my older mouse.

It comes with a program, presumably (because i never used it, as windows auto detects it) so that the msg and email functions work correctly.

It usually retails at $65, but i got it for $40 from best buy as they had a $25 off instant rebate.

The best mouse i've ever used, i'd go so far as saying its better than the MX1000, which a friend of mine had, which i thought was too clunky.

So all you have on your desk with the 610, is just the 610, sure rechargers are nice, but ask yourself exactly why are you buying a wireless laser mouse.

*and perhaps more importantly.... space.

What a great buy.

oh one other thing it also turns itself off when you stop using it for a few minutes i fully expect the AA's to last for at least 6 months. It comes back to life in about 1 1/2 seconds.
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