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Return To Castle Wolfenstein graphical issue (yes, I updated the drivers...)

I have one big graphical problem with RTCW:
When I go into the main menu, there are irregular lines (they aren't the same size) flowing accross my screen. Much like when you film a computer screen and play it back later, you see dark lines going up and down. This is virtually the same, except the lines aren't exactly squareformed, more irregularly shaped, but they do span horizontally accross the screen.
The strangest thing is, when I tried making a screenshot using the Prt Scr button and pasted it in Paint, the lines were completely vanished, while they were present at the moment I made the screenshot.

I tried the following list of nVidia Detonators:
41.80 (official drivers from Creative)
and finally 42.82

I uninstalled the old drivers prior to installing the new ones.

System specs:
Pentium III 800 MHz
256 MB RAM (130 MB physical RAM available at the time of playing the game)
Creative GeForce 3 ti200

Help me!

Oh yeah, I have the special edition pack of RTCW, which holds version number 1.33. When I noticed this graphical problem, I updated to 1.41.
Oops, I forgot something:
I use DirectX 9.0 and I did the tests using dxdiag.exe

and I updated the BIOS (supplied by Creative) for my videocard after having issues with my tv-out.


that may well be the problem, low refresh rates are not good for eyes and you should be using 75 Hz as a minimum really. Setting a higer refresh rate may fix the problem. good luck


would be nice to see ur gfcard there i played rtcw long time ago with a p3 733mhz, 256mb and a gf4 ti4200 and it ran nicely no probs at all

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