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You don't need the original. Sounds like iD wanna completely kill online gaming in the original... this is bigger and better ;)
Been playing it a lot more...excellent excellent fun! Once you get the hang of the goals and different classes/weapons it very entertaining.

You also get other game types such as Last Man Standing etc...

All for free too!!
This sounds like fun I am grabbing it now ..... I have the original RTCW but I got's to try this :)
OSP for Enemy Territory - Server Settings

Need to know the server commands? Well because OSP is built into Enemy Territory, the OSP guys have provided a list of all the cvar settings. For full list of commands click:

OSP for Enemy Territory - Server Settings
Date: 28 May 03

This document describes all OSP-related server-side settings.


g_doWarmup <0|1> (default = 1)
* 0 - Normal warmup semantics
1 - Players must "ready" to begin a match

g_spectatorInactivity // - Inactivity timer for spectators

match_latejoin // <0|1> - Whether clients can join a match in progress.

match_minplayers // - Minimum # of players needed to start the match.

match_mutespecs // <0|1> - Whether spectators can chat during a match in progress.

match_readypercent // <1-99> - Player "ready" threshold.

match_timeoutcount // - # of timeouts that can be called by each side per match.

match_timeoutlength // - Duration (in seconds) of timeouts.

match_warmupDamage // <0|1> - Whether clients can inflict/receive damage during warmup.

refereePassword // - Password to enable referee status: "none" means disabled.

server_autoconfig // <0|1|2> Server loads no(0)/comp(1)/pub(2) settings on startup (based on current g_gametype)
(Note: this means some settings will "reset" to selected values)

server_motd[0-5] // - Specifies optional window with server Message Of The Day while players connect. Up to 8 lines (0-7) can be specified.

team_maxplayers // - Max players per team.

team_nocontrols // <0|1> - Disables team commands (pause, lock, speclock, etc. ) and autolocking mechanisms.

vote_limit // <0-X> - Max # of votes allowed for a map (non-ref)

vote_percent // <1-100> - Percentage of accepting clients for a vote to pass.

All settings below are either 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled)

vote_allow_antilag // Antilag voting allowed?

vote_allow_balancedteams // Force balanced teams voting allowed?

vote_allow_comp // Competition setting voting allowed?

vote_allow_friendlyfire // Team damage voting allowed?

vote_allow_gametype // Gametype voting allowed?

vote_allow_kick // Kick player voting allowed?

vote_allow_map // Map voting allowed?

vote_allow_matchreset // Map restart voting allowed?

vote_allow_muting // Player mute voting allowed?

vote_allow_mutespecs // Spectator mute voting allowed?

vote_allow_nextmap // Nextmap voting allowed?

vote_allow_pub // Public settings voting allowed?

vote_allow_referee // Referee voting allowed?

vote_allow_shuffleteamsxp // Team shuffle voting allowed?

vote_allow_swapteams // Team swap voting allowed?

vote_allow_timelimit // Timelimit voting allowed?

vote_allow_warmupdamage // Weapon fire during warmup voting allowed?

"Comp" Settings:

g_altStopwatchMode 0

g_complaintlimit 0

g_doWarmup 1

g_inactivity 0

g_ipcomplaintlimit 0

g_lms_teamForceBalance 0

g_maxlives 0

g_teamforcebalance 0

g_voicechatsallowed 50

g_warmup 10

match_latejoin 0

match_mutespecs 0

match_timeoutcount 1

match_warmupDamage 1

team_maxplayers 10

team_nocontrols 0

sv_allowDownload 1

sv_floodProtect 0

sv_fps 20

vote_limit 10

"Pub" Settings:

g_altStopwatchMode 0

g_complaintlimit 6

g_doWarmup 0

g_ipcomplaintlimit 3

g_maxlives 0

g_teamforcebalance 1

g_lms_teamForceBalance 1

g_voicechatsallowed 50

g_warmup 60

match_latejoin 1

match_mutespecs 1

match_timeoutcount 0

match_warmupDamage 0

team_maxplayers 0

team_nocontrols 1

sv_allowDownload 1

sv_floodProtect 0

sv_fps 20

vote_limit 5

Credit to Game Informant visit them HERE
Ok, here is a question. I was over at my brother's house and we were going to play this but we can't seem to get out of spectator mode. He doesn't play that many games and has never set up his own lan server, neither have I. Any help would be appreciated!
press L to bring up the limbo menu. From there you can select your team and what class to play as.

Not too sure how to set up a LAN tho!
we've done that, but when the game starts it is in spectator mode. anyone else?
Just got it tonight, before i read this!

Its pretty good. Getting use to it, i accually havent played RTCW for awhile so its kinda new. Pretty cool how its a free download! They did a good job!!!
I find it very cool that its free ... I love the game loads of fun :D
I have to say this is some very good stuff. running it @ 1152x864
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Have only 56kb modem, was wondering if some body could burn it onto cd and post it to me. Will pay for cd and postage.

Thanks Octopus
I've tried several times over sevaral weeks, and this is the message I get every time:
We're sorry, this file is temporarily unavailable.

Thanks Octopus

I had to contact their support, all sorted out now. About to go there and buy a cd.

I am downloading it for the second time..the first time I got a bad exe file :( and now 4 hours left hopefully I get a working exe file.
I wonder if enough people download it and start playing it, if they will make you pay for it?

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