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19 Apr 2002
Hi All,
Im looking for retro flash games for my website ( - i already have Pacman, Space Invaders, Hexxagon, Simple Simon, Tetris, Snake and Tic Tac Toe, but im hoping to get quite a few more and set up a kinda retro gaming zone for people.

Anyone know where i can get some - it would be preferable to have some sort of high score functionality as well, but i can see past that if there good games.

Any Ideas?
Great idea, I just been on your site playing space invaders, I ant played it in years. I couldn’t save my score but it was good anyway. :)
Im surprised to hear that you couldnt save your score, i just tried it again and its fine on my end. What happened when it want to the high score table?

Glad to hear you liked it anyway.
I tried to click on the save high score and nothing happened. I didn’t log on to your site could that have had something to do with it.
I will give it another go later.
Soz my fault it works perfect, I didn’t see the flashing cursor, I was waiting for it to take me to the high score page. DOH!!!
hehe that was fun!.
I haven't heard that space invaders laser sound for years.
At least 20!.:eek:

Dunno where you'd source it, but two of my faves from yesteryear are
Galaxians, and Gorf.
Would love to see them there too :D
So would I - I want to get defender as well if possible but i cant find them.

Im gonna have a good Google around tonight i think.

Oh and thanks for the feedback Dogfighter, had me worried there.
I used to like defender. I think it was the next game we had in the local pub after space invaders. Wow that is really bringing back some very old memory’s. I hope you find it. :p
Booo!! - you need to login...

And Benny - What the.... Talk about being owned on your own site.
Are you the Pacman master or summit?
TheBlueRaja said:
Im looking for retro flash games for my website
check here: Games - no stupid ads, game works right in your page, easy to insert (one line of javascript), and my favorite - "Save highscore" is implemented :) Not sure they are Flash though - may be Java or Javascript also.

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