Retrieve installed Half-Life key?


sgàthan ìnnleachd
7 Jan 2004
I have been playing DoD 1.0 forever, but now I want to install Steam but I lost my CD case. The CD key has got to be somewhere on my PC. I looked in the registry under HKUC/software/valve/half-life/settings/ but there's no key value there. Where is the key stored for DoD 1.0?
I don't have the DoD standalone (which I assume you have), so I don't know where it stores the key, but try doing registry searches for different things like "DoD", "Defeat", or the name of the company that publishes it (Vivendi?). Hopefully it should turn something up.
use th half-life keychanger. its a small uitlity that will give you youre key you are using and can store multiple keys for easy switching. do a search or it...
or you could just install steam. It will automatically use your key from the installed software. Then when you are done installing steam you can remove the old software.
Yeah, provided you have it installed still the data will be in the registry.
Keep in mind tho, that once this key is used by someone for Steam, the key can never be used again.

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