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Retail MMO Archlord now totally free!


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Hi guys,

For anyone out there who likes their MMOs but doesn't like subscriptions, and especially for those who don't like paying for games at all, Archlord has now been released for completely free by Codemasters.

Check it out here.

The game was released back in November I think, so quite recent, but due to relatively low numbers of players they have decided to make it completely free to everyone.

You can use real world money to buy in-game credits for stuff, but there's absolutely no requirement to do this if you don't want to and you can play quite happily without any cost at all.

It's not a bad game from what I can gather (I have just started a character this weekend), it's no World of Warcraft beater but then again it's free and it's still quite good. Graphics are pretty top notch, music's really quite good actually.

If you've never played an MMO and want to see what it's like, this might be a good place to test the water. Have fun!
Archlord is what you call "just another korean grinder" at least it was at beta/launch.

If anyone plays it and think it's improved let me know and I'll dig out my box :p

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