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Resume Fixing


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Well I was talking with Sazar about jobs and dell and such. Come to the conclusion that my resume needs a bit of work.

Fixing it up, more details and etc. Said I should post here and see what can be done.

So here you go....
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I would change the wording in "Web Browsing Software" to something a bit more point descriptive, that sounds like you are skilled at surfing the net.



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just an FYI, you may want to strip off some of the phone numbers and addresses when posting in a public forum.. especially yours and your references..

edit: I removed the attachment for now.. usually not a good idea to post your number (or your friends/references numbers - especially if you didn't ask them if it was okay to post a phone number publically).

edit2: feel free to reattach after you scrub some of the personal info out...
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Looks pretty good. Is "First Page 2006" supposed to be Front Page? Also, not sure if Pascal is even worth mentioning, but I suppose it could get a good laugh! :)


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Send the resume to jneville AT tcml DOT com tomorrow and I'll take a look at it tomorrow and play with it.

(I'm a recruiter and write resumes daily.)


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No, First Page 2000 is another HTML program.

Yea, I thought Pascal was worth it since its really the only programming i know.
No, First Page 2000 is another HTML program.

Yea, I thought Pascal was worth it since its really the only programming i know.
Is programming something you want to do? If its not then its probably not worth putting it on. It does of course show a certain level of skill and understanding of IT, but it sometimes helps to target your skills matrix to a particular type of job for each application.


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Alright, no I would love to learn more about it and be good at it, but not something I want to do.

I always thought its just better to put all skills up. I will change that then.


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It really depends.

Having an additional bullet point that you are proficient in and are able to discuss when engaged is an excellent asset.

If it is a generic talent taking up useful space on your page, dump it. If, on the other hand, it's one of those talents that could be a differentiator between you and some other bloke (or gal), why not either leave it up or, better yet, integrate it with some other section to allow it to flow.


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