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Restricting A Web Site


Enigma X

I want to restrict access to 'www.deftonesworldwide.com' on my

machine. I dont want my machine to access that website. How

can I do this? Chaning the security settings in IE6 works, but it

can easily be changed by anyone. Any help here. I have

Adminitrator status...Anything I can do ?

- Thanks!


go to tools>internet options>content>setting>approved sites. there type your site and click never so it's blocked. then go to general and change pass from "blank" to your pass. click ok and then click enable so blocking would work.


you are right.. adjusting the internet options will have no affect as they can easily be changed...

what may work, is by utilizing a firewall, mytiny, zonealarm, etc..and setting an admin password for one of these programs so that any settings can not be tampered with unless you have the password. if you set one of these up..just include that site in the restricted zone , similar to what you would do under Internet Options in IE6..

another option would be to just make whoever you want to not get to that site a regular user, or restricted user by way of creating a seperate login name with restriced rights...

other than that.. you can always look at the several different "nanny-surfer" software that will help you manage your pc...

keep in mind that any keylogging software would not help you if its installed on your pc as any password you setup for any program will more than likely be captured..thus rendering your efforts futile....

i would try either a third party firewall or program that has password capability, that - along with a seperate restricted login name for that particular person(s)...

good luck!!

~n :D

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