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Restore Option under WinXP Setup


el mafioso
has anyone used it, what does it do??
because i don't want to format my pc, and i'm still dealing with new windows when i open folders ( have tried everything )

thanks in advance


OSNN Addict
It's a cool option - it lets you turn the clock back and restart your computer at a previous date - before you installed a program of deleted something and caused problems with your system.

It is also called Rollback by another application - rolling back the time to a previous day or time, obviously you lose any data/files/work done/saved since that time unless saved to a different drive.

Hope this helps


Old School XPeriencer
Yea, I would have to agree w/ riscy......

I use it quite a bit. Both the restore option and the "create restore point" option.

Usually before I install, uninstall, delete, or update anything major.


el mafioso
thanks =P
but i was referring to the restore option under the winXP setup ( when you reboot with the XP cd inside, it asks you if you would like to run system restore ), it asks me for a diskette...
has anyone done it before??

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