Restore files from recycle bin from dos prompt


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5 Mar 2002
My friend has deleted files from her pc but has not deleted them from her recycle bin. I was wondering if there was a dos command to "restore files" from her recycle bin to there original folder using the dos prompt? Thanks in advance for any help. Her PC won't boot because of the files she deleted.
Is her file system NTFS? or FAT32 ? If it is fat 32 then boot from floppy like win98 and find the files using the DIR command then just move them with the COPY command if it is NTFS your going to need something like NTFS dos pro to be able to write to the hard drive or use a windows xp boot disk and repair the install , you could try command console depends on what files she is missing , can you be more specific with the file names?
The repair installation idea sounds likely to be the best bet to give a try.
IT's XP pro, NTFS. I know i'm going to have to do a repair with the CD but thought i would ask the question to make it easier. I believe she deleted a the folder "C:unzipped" but cannot understand why this has given her problems as i don't even have this folder on my comp. I'll just do a repair with the cd. Thanks all.
It actually seems more probable that she deleted one of the necessary boot files, which you can repair with the fixboot command from the recovery console.
That or fix mbr but we need the exact error message to be able to help
You can't erase the master boot record from within windows, atleast not by deleting files.
Could be corupt we have no idea really what needs to be done and seems the poster never came back to give us the details.
HA HA! i have tried the fix boot and fix mbr and still didn't work. So what i did was installed xp to her second HDD and now it boots up with the original installation. I have been busy at work and thus the long time to reply.

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