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restore file on windows xp?



I was wondering if anyone knew a way to restore a file (movie mpeg) in windows xp home edition? I'd hate to go back to a restore point just for one file. I accidently deleted a folder with it in it and emptied the recycling bin too. Tried to search for the file hoping a backup would be hidden somewhere but found nothing. If its not possible, is there a program out there that could restore it for win xp?
thanks for the feedback in advance.
You could try a program like lost and found. even going back to a restore point doesn't mean that the file will be there, restore points don't catalog everything if they did it would have to image your drive at every point.


true true... someone had suggested that i go to restore point of say last week, get the file, and then unrestore but i figured restore would not save a movie file, especially one that was like 100megs mpeg/avi.

Shamus MacNoob

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I like nortons protected

I like the feature nortons system works has for protected recycle bin I know thats an after thought now for you but maybe a point to think about in the future;)


restore point

Does using a system restore point restore files? I thought it just did settings and system files, drivers, etc.

I didn't think it did something like movie files. Am I wrong?


System Restore monitors changes to the system and some application files, and it automatically creates easily identified restore points.

Restoring your computer does not affect or change your personal data files. For information about backing up personal data files, see Backing up files and folders.

--my guess is no, it won't restore the file, only "changes to the system and some application files."

Shamus MacNoob

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this happened to me

I had a file (game) saved. I had just installed a program and it messed up some settings and I was unable to set things right so I went back to a point (restore) from the day before, when I got back to my desktop and looked for that game it was gone ...... sure it fixed my settings problem but ate a 180mb game and a few smaller files I had in a folder waiting to burn to a cd, oh well live and learn eh :mad:

Shamus MacNoob

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after thought

And I swear I have less space on the hard drive after the above mentioned, and approx the amount of the so called ghost files is the amount I am short ....very weird :confused:

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