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21 Apr 2004
My computer is kinda be lame, i think i messed it up (ha i did). The computer came with a partitioned drive with back up and a full restore (5 gb), but i deleted it with partition magic on accident. If i was to get my hnads on a windows xp cd, could i use my serials located on the back of my pc with the windows? Its windows xp home....
Yes if you can get a XP Home disc you can use your serial with it. When you buy XP you only pay for the serial key, the cds are all the same. (Unless is was cracked or something)

I have used a OEM XP Home disc several times instead of the restore discs or partitions (which I've deleted, I despise restore partitions).
kick ass...can i use one with sp2 integrated?? Im so serial will only work with home huh?

ok ok, im browsing through partition magic and i see what i thuoght i do i make it visable again??
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Well first and foremost you need a OEM XP CD that is trying a OEM, I mean I have one and treid to install on a freidns computer but using his key and it didn't work. There from what I remember reading around here somewhere is that there is 2 OEM versions, retial which you can get at someplace like Fry's Electronics and then there is a OEM that is not tied to any key.
Yes, it will only work with home.

Depending on the brand of computer the key may not work with a store bought copy of Windows (Retail or OEM). The only way to find out is to try it.

Check in the partition magic menu for an undelete partition command. I deleted PM from all my machines so I can't dig it out for you.
well with PM, i looked and it said that partition was hidden and not active. i made it active, then it took over the other partition and wouldnt let me go on my pc. SO i had to remove my hd, hook it up to my moms pc, and use Pm to fix it back to hidden inactive...
Yes you can use a SP2 integrated cd, there's no change to the way is checks the key, its just updated to SP2.
OEM Product Keys are specific to OEM discs.
VLK Product Keys are specific to VLK discs.
Retail Product Keys are specific to retail discs.

You cannot use a retail Product Key on an OEM installation. So on and so forth.
madmatt, that is not totally true. OEM Keys for say Home if you have the right OEM disc will take any XP Home key, same with OEM Pro. Now retail keys be them retail OEM or retail box will only work with that disc and VLK I believe has a few different files then most versions of XP
im lost, i just "got my hands on an xp sp2"..i have the key on the side of the should it work???
chasity, I've tried using VLK product keys with retail CDs before and it rejects it. I've also tried the opposite. X can vouch for that because I gave him two different TechNet VLK product keys and setup wouldn't let him passed the enter product key screen.

Furthermore, in my experience, Partner Keys only work with Partner CDs.

I am simply speaking from my experience with product keys.

FBD, you can certainly try it. At worst it won't let you passed the enter product key screen.
im lost, i just "got my hands on an xp sp2"..i have the key on the side of the should it work???

As madmatt said you can try it and at worse you will not get past the cd-key screen.

As for the differnece keys on different disc's madmatt your point is true to a point, however I have both a Home and Pro CD's that will work with any key for each version. I have a freind that works in a reapir shop and they are the CD's he uses when he has to.
well the cd key wroked great, but it wont let me activate. Then they have me talk to someone onthe ohone that i cant understand to tell me to go online and figure it like..yea ill get your WPA killer.....JERK!!! But i wont do that...they also said its cuz this pc came pre-installed with the windows from dell, i need the retore cd...which i dont have...any ideas???
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That's BS, I've installed XP Home on several laptops that had restore cds. I had to call the first time and they asked for the make, model, serial number, cdkey and place of purchase. I guess they need to verify it the first time. I just did a reformat the other day on one of them and it activated online with no problems.

Call em back and explain it, if you can't understand the person just hang up and call back or something.
yea i know it is, ive done it too...i hate dells.....that what this machine is. Um i also found a tool called KeyUpdateTool on neowin, but i dont get how it works....
Just the number thats givin to you when they want you to have a better one??
No, its that 1-800 number that appears when you have to call them. That window also has a very long activation number you have to give MS.
After 3 calls, i got someone who hooked it up...thanks a bunch!!!!
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