Restarting while installing

i just recently moved to pci express, got everything set up. everything seems to be working fine, but when i tried to install WoW, i get a blue screen for a couple of seconds and then restarts. what i got from the blue screen was Driver_IRQL and some more but couldn't read the rest of it. so far this only happens when i install a game.

Shamus MacNoob

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I think you need to reinstall your chipset drivers and videodrivers I am pretty sure its that , try different video drivers also

Shamus MacNoob

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OK what sound card are you using .. any time I have had troubles was the onboard sound I now always use a good sound card .. but that aside try using a driver cleaner and remove all traces of your drivers and keep trying different versions I am sure you will hit a good set
im not using a card, using onboard. so this is a driver problem? is there anyway to find which specific driver it is without deleting all of them?
hmm the only sound driver i have would be the real'tek driver from the nforce cd i used..and the video driver i got from the cd, but then downloaded the lastest ones from nvidia's what do you recommend i should do?

i read somewhere that it might a memory setting in the bios that is causing the problem..could that be it? it also said that the stop error would point to a file.. i guess ill try to install wow again to see what file it says is causing the problem
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Kermit_The_Frog said:
Yes its a driver and I am pretty sure video or sound
There are all kinds of potential problems here.

No need for guessing Kermit.

One - in some cases people report that the default timing their mobo gives their RAM is set a little too aggresively...

What I really need is the full error. Try to grab a screen of it or at least jot down the very last part of this type of error, it usually references a file name.
hmm i installed ET fine..was playing for awhile then it just froze, no blue screen, just frozen, heh ill try to make it get another blue screen to get the info, will post when i do
just got one..the file is nvatabus, i think its nvidia's ide manager?

so how would i delete this driver to reinstall, or should i just use window's ide manager?
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Looks like nvidia to me yes the nvidia ide drivers can be a problem just uninstall the ide controllers and use the microsoft generic ones
nvm..i figured out how to unistall..i guess ill just see if it fixed it or not

also another time when it asked if i would like to start windows using last known working settings, i said yes, and now my start bar will only use windows classic style, when i tried to change it, it says the service could not be started


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one.123 said:
i updated my mobo drivers and gpu drivers, still happening, i got the whole thing now its Driver_IRQL_Less_or_Equal
I had this problem on a batch of Dell Machines awhile back, actually turned out to be bad RAM, have you checkd that? Either run a tester, or swap out known good modules.

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