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5 Feb 2004
I have been having some problems with my computer lately and am not sure what's causing it. Its fine when running (windows XP) but if I try to restart the computer is shuts down normally but will not restart,it just hangs there the fans still spinning, I have to hold the power button in for 4 seconds to get it to shut down, then if I power it up again it works fine. If I just shut the computer down it will shut down fine. It has been a while since my last format and reinstall so I thought I try a fresh install to see if that would fix it but when I went to reinstall the installation was going extremely slow. When it copies over the files at the beginning of the install it took about 20 min so I stopped the install before it got to the formatting part. Is there a setting in the bios that could be incorrect and causing this. My system is a AMD athlon XP 2500+, soltek 75FRN2-L motherboard, 2x512 sticks Samsung DDR 400mhz, geforce4 ti 4400, SoundBlaster audigy 2, enermax EG365P-VE psu. Everything is at stock speeds (no over clocking ever) The computer did not do this when I first built it, it just started about a month ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
sounds like it may be a power supply problem to me, i could be wrong, any more suggestions?
Empire, I have nearly the same problem. The only difference is that after a restart, my bios will hang for about 30 seconds, after which it says that it can't see my secondary IDE channel. But when it boots up into windows, the drives work fine. And if I do the 3-finger salute during the bios hang time, the comp will restart but the bios doesn't hang! I've tried everything to fix it, but I'm at a complete loss...for the both of us!
I have a PSU problem too. When I start up my computer 80% of the time it says 1200 MHz (i have a 2400+) then I have to enter bios and just click save and exit then it says 2400+. Also about 80% of the time I click Shut Down from the start menu and it restarts instead. If I hold down the power button for 4 seconds it just restarts again, I have to press the switch in the back of the computer to turn it off. It's been doing this for about maybe 2 months now (I had this computer for about a year) Do you think it's my power supply? I don't know what's the name of my PSU. Anyways, do you think if it is my power supply dying and I don't get a new one soon will it fry my computer parts? Thanks.
I'm having the same problems as Wolvfj. Mine started to do this after I added a second network card. What is the output wattage of your power supply? You may have it overloaded as I did. Try getting a beafier PSU, 450 - 500.
It was my power Supply, I had a 450 watt PSU that came with my case but got a Antec 520 watt a few days ago and it fixed the problems, and it has 3 fans built in which makes my case much cooler. I now have a 3000+ barton too.

Check the "power button settings" in windows power managemant and the Bios power management. You can set it so the power button puts into something other than "Off". In some "power down modes" the fan will continue to run.

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