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Rest in Peace ChrisRay


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ChrisRay Memorial Thread - nV News Forums

I am just going to quote what Mike Chambers over at our affiliate site, NvNews posted.

We're deeply saddened by the loss of our friend Chris "ChrisRay" Arthington who succumbed to pneumonia on January 28th, 2010. He was only 27.

Chris was a longtime graphics enthusiast, nZone moderator, and frequent contributor on a number of forums including nV News, SLIzone, EVGA, Rage3D, AnandTech, Beyond3D, Gamespot, and others. He loved graphics technology and had a sincere desire to help people by sharing information, trouble-shooting, and reporting issues to NVIDIA.

Please visit the ChrisRay Memorial Page for further information.

ChrisRay's contribution at nV News - Long Live ChrisRay.

GeForce Team Mourns the Loss of 3D Graphics Enthusiast ChrisRay (at nTersect).

Personal Message by Theo Valich at Bright Side of News.

Forum Post at NVIDIA's SLI Zone.

Note: Guests to the nV News forum have permission to post replies in this thread.
I am not sure if many people ever had a chance to communicate with Chris, but he was a great guy, had a tremendous amount of knowledge and I've probably known him online longer than most people outside a few here at OSNN and a few chaps at NvNews.

Please take some time to read about the guy and his wonderful work, his reviews, his suggestions and workarounds. They are the legacy of a young man who is no longer with us, but who will live on, online.

RIP Chris.


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