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Electronic Punk

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Server Type FreeBSD
Data Usage 504.05 MB
Web Server Apache v1.3.33
Index Usage 203.32 MB
PHP 4.3.11
Attachment Usage 344.11 MB
PHP Max Post Size 8M
Avatar Usage 5.25 MB
PHP Memory Limit 32M
Profile Picture Usage 1.07 MB
MySQL 4.1.11
MySQL Packet Size 16.00 MB


- geek -
Seems to be working great now. Although I was able to start a thread last night without any problems. :suprised:


Beware the G-Man
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I hope this is the solution... Was tryin to post the FishBoy Birthday thread last night, it took 15mins. of work arounds reclick/resubmits and general cussing and yelling till it finally took.
Not sure how that could be it and it's just now desided to bork the site. Plus some of those post on vbulliten site went back to 2002. :(


Electronic Punk said:
I may have found the problem, not concrete yet tho


Seems to indicate that the similar thread feature is spanking the servers memory, I have disabled both settings and will continue to monitor, we have tried so much that I am still sceptical but I did just manage to make a new thread so fingers crossed!
There are defintely issues with this, we have to wait and watch for some fixes in further 3.1.x releases hopefully.



Beware the G-Man
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Well... any news, solutions, theories...?

Anything at all? The curiosity is killin me (no snide comments either :mad: ).


- geek -
The site in general has been much better lately, aside from the dupe error (posts anyway) I'd forgotten all about the site having problems. :)


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Also just noticed, I'm the last person to post in this thread yet when looking at the list of 'Today's Posts' it says Xie is the last person to post in this thread :s


Beware the G-Man
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Jewelzz said:
Also just noticed, I'm the last person to post in this thread yet when looking at the list of 'Today's Posts' it says Xie is the last person to post in this thread :s

Yeah, when ya get the dupe problem it tends ta do that.

Son Goku

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Perhaps worth mentioning, as it might be related, but it's not a issue related to posting. When viewing the entertainment forum last night, no issue, clicked on it, all was OK. Went to another forum (it was either the green room or hardware forum, as those were the 3 I was in then) and I clicked on the link from main menu to display index and nothing loaded. Did another 2 times, same thing.

Only thing that allowed me to display index was to right click on link from main menu and select for it to open in another browser window... Since that time, hadn't noticed the same however, so that was a rather isolated incident...

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