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Resizing Quicklaunch toolbar


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I have a problem that appears to have been floating around awhile but I have yet to find the fix.

I resize the quicklaunch toolbar to the size that I want (so that all of my icons show) but when I reboot, the toolbar is shrunk down to where it only shows four icons.

I have a total of three computers and two have this problem and one does not.

Does anyone know what the problem/fix is?

P.S. I found this old thread but it doesn't say if there is a fix for it.
you try just logging out, and see if it saves it?

i searched a bit and found a few things that might help, though i haven't tested this one, so back up your registery first..

Saving Desktop Settings

If your desktop or folders on your desktop do not retain their settings:

Start Regedit Go to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Program Manager\Restrictions

Create or edit the DWORD value NoSaveSettings

Give it a value of 0


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Logging off and logging back on does the same thing as a reboot, it resets the toolbar to where it only shows 4 icons. I checked the reg entry listed above and it is already set to 0.
Have you tried locking the taskbar after resizing?

edit: Also...one thing I have found is that some themes just absolutely will not keep the taskbar resized. I don't know why...but it does happen. I would suggest switching themes just to see if it works.


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Locking the toolbars does not help and I am running windows classic theme on all of the machines so if a theme were to work I would hope that the classic would be one of them.

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