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[ResHacker] Gmail Notifier contest !

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
I admit it, it is for my personnal use, though I hope some may also be interested...

I love the icons set from Gmail Notifier 1.0.21 that's for sure, but it cannot connect anymore and Gmail Notifier 1.0.24 can... but I hate the icons set !

I tried this myself but can't figure out why I can't manage to go through it... is there someone here that could remove 1.0.24 icons set in the provided exe and replace them with 1.0.21's ones ? Seems like Resource Hacker is the tool for this...
I guess I'm not breaking any rules as it is "just" an icon issue (no mail, new mail, checking mail, error,...) ... also not sure it is the right place to post this request...

Thank you all in advance, I'll be really thankfull ;)


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Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Well, a friend of mine managed to do it properly... I give you the 1.0.24 modified .exe with the 1.0.21 icons, they're so much nicer ! I hope some will enjoy it... ;)


Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Well, it seems though that I'm the only one on earth to much prefer 1.0.21 set of icons... There's a small missing part in it though: the new exe does contain only 3 out of 4 states: idle or no new mail, new mail, error. The "checking mail" icon (green zap under it) is missing.
But the original 1.0.24 .exe has no icon for "checking mail", this may explain the "issue"...

The notifications are all perfect.

If you can fix this tiny issue, do it !

Thank you Grandmaster !

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
No feedback... I must be the only one on earth to love Gmail Notifier 1.0.21's look better than 1.0.24 one's...
Strange... but hey, I can live with it... ;)

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