reset the dvd zone (4) excuse for my bad speaking



for the all good XP user, I not good in your us language
but I work on XP and this forum it's the service of the
XP user. I caraibes men and I speak french very well
for more info
go to google and find and take traduce this
site .
BIEN, assez joué si vous suivez il y a une protection sur
le changement de zone de dvd dans xp. On ne sait pas
pourquoi mais il y a forcement moyen de le supprimer
dans os 95/98/2000

if you understand please advise me
regards for all XP user

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Might not be so useful in french but the following is take from my dvd beginners guide:

Windows2000/XP contains extra region protection, you can view your current 2000/XP region code by doing the follwing:

Right click on my computer and go to Properties, Hardware and then do device manager. Then go to DVD/CD-ROM drives and right click on your DVDROM. Go to the DVD Region tab and this will tell you your internal region code.

Normally you will have a region selected with one region change remaining.
Most software DVD players now use this internal region code, except:
PowerDVD, it uses its own 5 changes system, use DVD Genie.
WinDVD 3, this player does use the internal region code by default but you can modify the registry to make it use its own 5 region counter, use DVD Genie, you must modify the following registry value:

There is a way of resetting the region counter to two choices left after every reboot, but requires manually modifying the registry:
Load RegEdit and go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft].
You should see a random looking random letter key (e.g. " d-`%" ").
If you have a region set, inside this key there is one REG_QWORD value, delete the data that it contains, do not delete this key.
Export the key and save it to C:\Windows (or another such folder)
Create a shortcut in your start menu startup folder that says the following:
regedit.exe /s c:\windows\regfile.reg

Now everytime that you boot Windows2000/WindowsXP you will have two region choices.

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