Reset BIOS password ????


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4 Mar 2002
I got a mate with an epox mobo 8k7a+ fink its revision 1.1.

umm the twat who put his system together put a password on the bios..

Would shorting the reset pins under the battery reset this password ? or is he kinda stuffed.. :rolleyes:
There should be a BIOS re-set jumper on the board - will be somewhere close to the battery - try this first. If this doesn't work, try removing the battery for a while (I would suggest at laest an hour), then reinserting. One of these should do the trick.
ok thanks, I will keep bumping this up to see if any 1 deffo knows if it will work, im not visiting the guy to clock his PC till the weekend so i got a little research time..
Nigel is right.

there should be a pwd reset jumper or you have to completely unplug the computer and keep the cmos battery out and that should reset it
reset tha cmos

use a flathead, and reset the cmos, then load bios defaults. theres 2 solder points by the baterry it should say cmos by it
short em out and it should reset it. touch em both with the flathead for atlest 30 sec.

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