require easy vsftpd setup info

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8 Apr 2003
all the ones i have googled seem a bit complex - all i want to do is have vsftpd running and have a few users on there, but i dont want to have to make the users on the box, i have read a few guides about using PAM but that just went right over my head.

freebsd 7.0RC1 is the system i am using so need it to be geared towards that (any freebsd info should do really :)


(w00t 1000th post - ok not a big deal to some of you but is to me :p)
tried that couldnt get it to work - mind you only looked at it briefly - had some work to do - did have the link to that page - guess i forgot it :eek: , also does vsftpd do crc checking of files as they are upload if there is a md5 or sfv file ?
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how do you get it to change the dir people see when they log on i have added local_root=/usr/storage/ftp to vsftpd.conf, but it takes me to the root of the system ./ !!
probably want some kind of chroot setting within the configuration
tried that too - same happens - i'll have to have another look later, i bet i have cocked something up

edit: i managed to sort it :)
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