[Request] Vector Heart for PSP?


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16 Jan 2004
Vector Heart for PSP?

Hey Guys!

I know how good some of you all are with these things so I was wondering if anyone can help me out. Im looking for a Vector Heart made with PSP that is about 300x300 Pixels big. I am not very good with psp yet and am not having to much luck with some tutorials that I've found on creating this heart. Nor can I find a place to download it. Heres what I need when I am finished:

One one sheet of paper I need to fit 4 hearts on it and they have to have the following:

--> Lines on the inside (when its folded in half)
--> To: & From: On the backside right (I guess it would be when its folded over)

If this isnt enough info or not clear what Im asking please let me know and I will try to be more clear. Thanks for any help!!! :cool:

Ps: Its for a valentines progect at school if you must know :p
cant do vector imaging in PSP... PSP is a rastering proggie, only can do vectoring in Illustrator.
Does it have to be a vector image?? can it be a raster image. I can do that in PS7 if ya want or someone else can do it... ??
That would be alright if you dont mind? Anything will be a help! Thanks
what size paper are we talking about?? the attachment is what I have so far ... so let me know where I should go with this... :D

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