Request signature - want my spec & now playing


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As I accidentally posted on someone elses request (sorry PK!)....... maybe someone will help me out and work with what I am going to attach which is my draught sig I was hoping to have ready for March. BTW since I made it I upgraded my GeForce crappy card with an ATI 9700 pro

If anyone can help out that would be really appreciated - make the sig so it really really rocks and I might even consider mailing you the GeForce card! Betcha no ones ever commisioned a sig with such generosity before

And then after a 1st cut was kindly posted I added....needs some colour - text sharpening up - plus drop the reference to my GeForce (which is history) and just leave ATI - plus I now have a 3rd (external) HD being the 300GB Maxtor one touch baby.

Apart from that do I take it you are an Apple devotee? Maybe change the fruit? Dunno .... you kinda got one thing right though because my rig is a bit metalically themed.

I'm holding out on a better piece of work if I'm awarding the card though.
One other thing - I like to use Glaanieboys "now playing" URL from my foobar so we need to allow for that and stay in spec.

I think that should just about cover what I am hoping for - stands back and waits to be amazed :cool:



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Debiant by way of Ubuntu
nice - although others invited too!

Geffy said:
no idea, just something I put together *shrug*
you're modest - I like it actually. One thing, I really need to get my "Now Playing" to float over the sig under the text you added - is that a simple PSP operation? Plus I've downloaded the bmp - guess I can get straight into PSP with that but I'll have lost some of the formatting, right? So I am guessing getting the psp file to me would be ideal (sorry, I'm a real PSP noob :eek: wish I had more time to learn it!)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Geffy said:
you trying to get the dynamic song thinger overlayed into the image??
yes - that's right, plus I like your work but would have liked to have .psp version for me to play with too - if possible?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu

Evil Marge said:
Its photoshop image not psp7..I've changed it to a jpg for ya :cool:
*slaps self on forehead* Now even I shoulda known that because I got option to save my psp work that way - HMMmmm wondering what I have that may work with photoshop now....

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