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request info for 9700Pro

OK, this is most probably for Sazar, but here goes.

I've decided on getting a 9700pro, but am not quite clear on what is included. I really want video in and out, but do not necessarily need the TV tuner on the AIW model. Are there any non-AIW models that do have in and out capabilities? Although the extra remote would be sorta nice, but not sure I want to shell out the extra $60-$80 for the AIW model.

Any ideas?
Perhaps you could get a normal 9700 Pro, nearly every one of which has TV out, then just get an inexpensive PCI capture card ($30-40). I'm sure any 9700 with a tv-in, even if it's not an AIW, will cost that much more.


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pretty much all 9700pro's have the same basic layout... which means that they come with vivo (generally s-video with a dongle to adapt for other things)

you can buy the remote and it will work with your card anyways :)

it is designed to work with regular ati products... though naturally the functionality of the card will be gravely limited...

the AIW has single monitor output.. the non-AIW has dual monitor capabilities... but the AIW does support far greater multimedia attachments to the computer with the use of various adaptors and dongles...

go per your needs.. but the 9700pro non AIW wills till have vivo features :)

Well, I bit it and got the 9800Pro instead. :)

I figure I can always get the add-in card if the need arises. I can see myself using the dual display ouput before any input app.

Just for giggles, I rebenchmarked and i get about 13500 in 3dMark2001 and 5288 in 3dMark03. Kinda wondering why the 2001 score didn't go up too much (was at around 12000ish), probably CPU limited or something. No biggie, the real test is the gaming and it looks real nice with all the bells-n-whistles turned up. :)

The kids' CPU is showing its age (athlon700 "brick" style) so it might be time for me to get a CPU/mobo upgrade real soon... purely so they can get my "old" parts of course. :rolleyes:

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