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[Request Info] Buggy Geforce4 MX400


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Yes yes I know, the Geforce4 MX400 is hardly worth owning if I can get a more powerful card, but i couldn't for £35 ;)

I'm having a bit of trouble with this card. Under DirectX, the screen goes crazy (by which i mean all rendered 3d graphics are coloured wrongly). It seems that something is going wrong with either texturing or alpha blending (or both!) but I'm probably overstepping my knowledge there. This never happens under OpenGL, and I've done testing with both.

This problem has occurred under DX8.1 and 9 AND 9.0b, and with version 46.61(i think) of the nVidia drivers right up to the current (56.56 installed atm). I have owned the card for about 12 months now.

I'm assuming it's a hardware problem, but before I go out and buy another card I thought I would get the opinions of some people in the know.


Generally Random
nice plan speedy :)

the only errors DxDiag turns up are that some of its .dll files are debug versions, not retail, and thus might run slower. this is because I have to code in DX for one of my modules at Uni, and probably why my copy of NFSU is running so goddamn slowly!

The fairly simple way which i might check out is to set the boxen back to running its on board graphics chipset. If i get the same errors then its software not hardware, and so on and so on.

Cheers anyway for the advice speedy :D

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