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[REQUEST] Hydraulic Desks


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I am working with a team of a few other people to re-build a build room for our corporate machines. I want to look at some hydraulic desks that are adjustable to a range of heights. I have seen them in past places I worked at, and think it's a great solution.

I found some legs, such as these -


Can't seem to find any high quality all-in-ones though - some of the desks I have seen/worked with have control panel type things that move it up and down electronically. Anyone have suggestions?
No, those are manually adjusted, i.e. do it once when the table is upside down. ;)

I've seen tons of electrically adjustable tables, but I don't know who makes them. Usually it's a whole frame that goes up and down and buttons that attach to the underside of the desk. Not sure if hydralics are used or not.

Then there's always the manually adjusted spring loaded desks. They are of course cheaper, but need to adjusted to how much weight is put on them (so they won't come crashing down or fling that monitor sky high when you try to adjust the table ;)).


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whatever happened to the old skool?

like putting telephone directories and manuals under the legs when you want to increase the height? :smoker:


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Well I have a reasonable budget for it, I'm just looking for options.

Cool idea really, and gives people the ability to be ergonomically comfortable if they want to sit or stand to work.


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alternative solution that appeals to me - now I get teh requirement - is to make all machines wifi and hot swappable so far as you are able to - then literally have folks "hot desk" from standing to sitting to any other style desk they need to work on.....

How :cool: would that be?


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It's a build room, so we have machines going in and out constantly that are either new to be deployed or being repaired.

So, while that may be a good idea, it doesn't suit my needs.

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