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Request for suggestions

Comcast will be rolling out HSI soon here in my area and I want to go ahead and be prepared by getting a router. The two brands I am considering are the D-Link DI-604 and the NetGear MR814. I am wondering if any of you guys have any experience with either of these products and could possibly give opinions, reviews, likes, or dislikes of the products. Any input would be appreciated.


Was there any reason given for not using Linksys?

Personally I love my BEFSR41, got nothing but good things to say about it. It's never once "locked up" on me like you'll hear about some routers doing and I put mine though a lot.

Now... having said that, I actually downloaded the pdf manual for the D-Link DI-604 and after looking through it I'll admit that it has several nice features lacking from my Linksys plus the filtering looks much more powerfull! :eek: As much as I like my Linksys I'd have to say that the D-Link would be the better buy. (Although I can't comment on the robustness of the D-Link so you might want to find someone who has used it.)

One other thing I noticed about the two routers you mentioned is that the NetGear is a wireless router yet the D-Link is not... Do you want wireless or not? It would make more sense to compare either two wireless routers or two wired routers.

I've worked with the MR814 a little bit and it is not nearly as feature rich as the D-Link you are considering. Then again it is wireless and includes different features...

If I were you I'd decide if you want wireless or not and then choose two similar routers to get an opinion on. :)


Originally posted by Enyo
LinkSys are good. I recommend there stuff for home broadband solutions. Some people think bad of them but often fail to come up with good reasons why ;)
Would have to agree! On top of my router I've got their EZXS88W (8-Port Switch) and it's never let me down. Plus I know someone who has their BEFSR11 (router without the built in switch) and two other people who each have the EZXS55W (5 port switch). Never heard a single complaint from any of them either! :rolleyes:
thanks for the feedback folks...gives me somethin to go on anyway....actually I have bought the D-Link DI-604 but I got to thinking I wanted to do wireless too....and was thinking maybe a router that did both wired and wireless might be the way to go here. All I need now actually is a Wireless Access Point....I had a D-Link 1000AP Access Point but for some reason it died on me. Since I already have the DI-604....I guess it would be more cost efficient to just add an access point eh?
when ya crunch the numbers tho...I can get a router that does wireless for less than a router and an access point...the D-Link DI-614 looks promising...anyone have an experience on this one?


Wireless ... isn't there a lag problem with them, like if you play online games and so... and delays and slow start-ups if you download files that aren't too big...?

Somebody told me something about it... for a while I was thinking of going wireless... less cables that collects dust :)

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