[REQUEST] athlon xp processor


9 Nov 2002
i know its a longshot, but would anyone have one spare that i could borrow/rent to test my motherboard?

it would be returned within a week, and all my persoanl details would be given to you so you could hunt me down if i did steal it.

i have i 1600 but i wouldnt be able to send it tho...sorry :(
my computer wont boot and i think it is a processor problem, but i have no other processors to try in it.
if you went to your local "small" computer store and explained the situation, they would charge a small test fee, but also point out if your mobo blew there chip you would have to fork out for said chip.
i live in northern ireland.

theres no such thing as a 'small local computer shop' - anything i buy comes mail order because i hate pc world.
I've got a duron in a box.. but that was used in the machine I blew the psu with. Not sure if the cpu still works. If you want to test it for me, I wouldn't mind sending it. :p
i need a processor i know works - so i can source the problem.
Use the one from the PC you're using to type on this forum.

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