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Request a Signature or Avatar Here


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Request a Signature or Avatar

Well the name says it all,

We used to have this thread, it has somehow deleted itself with the new forum names.

Just give us your details you want included in the signature.

A mention of colours/colors would be useful and attach any images you would like included.

Signature and Avatar Guidelines Found Here

Thank you.



I want a sig

I have no understanding of html,java, c++, etc etc but i want a cool sig. Can i make one using simple things like paint or is there a program that will make my life easy and help me make one?
Or is there a site that will maybe make one for you?(free of charge coz im cheap :p )

Thanx all


Graphic Designer
You wouln't ever need building a sig any HTML , Java .. simply create a pic ( keep with dimensions rules ) and upload it on the net and then come here and
it's link ..
Site : other forums with people signatures .. very simple :D


Need help with Sig

Here is the pic...

I have little to no graphic skills but would like some ideas or even (for those who have too much time on their hands) so examples.

What ya got!

Don't steal my idea either! :mad: :) :cool:


Argentinean Dogo
Id love to have a beautiful artistic signature, the one i got now says "Wanna make your computer go really fast? Throw it out a window.", not very happy with the image, could someone make one for me?
Absolute artistic freedom, as many as you want.
Heres my go of the sig.. if you dont like the phrase at the bottom.. i can easily change it no problem :)

I would usually put it up on my FTP so that you can see the image on this post but im in a rush.. sorry..


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