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Reporting to a SUS server on a different gateway than desktop


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Hey guys,

Hopefully someone can answer this.
At my client, we have a few computers that are on a different gateway than the rest of them. The different gateway allows these machines to communicate through the county router so they can access certain State Police Applications. These machines have it set so that their gateway is Now every other machine on this domain is set to, which is the ISA Server 2004. These computers are able to access the internet because the proxy server is set to, as it should be.

One thing I've noticed though is that any computer on the gateway either has not reported yet, or reported to the SUS server, but 2 weeks ago and not again since. All of these machines can ping the SUS Server by name and IP address. These machines are receiving their group policy correctly, and I've tried forcing them to update to the SUS Server, however that has failed (command I used was wuauclt.exe /detectnow). How can I get these machines on gateway to update through the SUS server that's on gateway


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