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replacing pad with paste on LeadTek 6800GT


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ok.... i know that when putting paste on a CPU, you get all the original paste off with cotton swabs/paper towels and rubbing alcohol, apply a small ammount of paste to the top of the cpu and spread it out with a credit card or something flat to use, and if you want, spread a very small ammount on the part of the heatsink that comes in contact with the top of the CPU so that only a film remains. Would it be the same process to put thermal paste on the video card too? or is there something different i have to do? Would i also put the paste on the top of the memory chips too? If you know of a website with a nice walkthrough that i could breeze through beforehand, that'd be nice.


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you dont even need to spread it that far on a cpu, just do pea size in the center then lay on the HS. When I had my old 6800GT and I put my NV5 on it, I put Arctic silver 5 on the cpu(its a 1/2" inch (about) square, I would cover the entire thing. As far as the RAM I would only put some on there if you plan on over clocking, or if you are paranoid about heat :)


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well...... aren't you..... SUPPOSED to spread the paste out? i mean.... i've never seen a site where they walked you through it, and all they said was "yeah..... just put a dot of it on there and shove the thing on. it'll be fine"


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it is the same process for video cards, too much paste acts as insulator,
My 6800 GT was fitted as zeke_mo described there was even a blob of paste on the thermal pads, rendering them useless.
I couldnt play games for longer than a couple of hours without it crashing.
Not had one single lock-up since re-applying the paste.

My guess is :- the manufacturers dont want to pay for the extra time it would take to do a proper job.



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well..... reapplied it..... boy was that a pain in the arse. might not have had to, since i forgot that when i removed the heatsink last time, it was thermal pads on the back side of the card (opposite side of the GPU and RAM chips itself) for extra cooling measures i guess, and paste on the RAM and GPU. seems to be running like 3 degrees cooler now though. didn't fix my stuttering problem though..... hopefully a soon-to-be format will fix that.


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ElementalDragon said:
didn't fix my stuttering problem though..... hopefully a soon-to-be format will fix that.
What stuttering problems? In games? Have you tried turning down extras or trying a different set of drivers? I don't think heat would cause stuttering in games or anything, it usally causes artifacts and BSOD's. :)


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nah.... games seem to run fine....... tried different drivers. just from something (which i'm guessing that something was my CPU) overheating, it hasn't ran on-par with what it should be running at. think maybe all the immediate shutdowns may have forked somethin up in Windows itself, cause u know how like.... just after you format, you browse the internet to find stuff, maybe video card drivers, and if you're on a website with pictures or nice borders the scrolling will lag a little bit every once in a while? yeah.... that's what it's doing.

edit: just ran Sisoft Sandra's CPU Arithmetic Benchmark, and now it's saying that it's performance rating is up around a P4 3.0C, which is where mine is since i have it OC'd. so it doesn't seem like it'd be a hardware problem. used to say it was performing at like.... a P4 1.6 or somethin. might just format tonight...... dunno yet though. hate going through the entire process..... one of these days i should just make a backup of the crap right after i get everything where i like it.

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