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Replacement Mobo NB Fan


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hey guys, i've got a question that requires your input. the northbridge fan on my NF7-S crapped out a couple of days ago. so i am going to replace it, problem is that practically no-one has pure NB fans. so i was wondering if the thermaltake CrystalOrb would suffice? or if i could not be more wrong lol. thanks.


...will circle this city
thanks for the reply dreamliner, but that wasn't really the question that i asked. are you saying that it won't fit on the board? also, would putting just a large heatsink on the board be insufficient? i'm not doing any overclocking at all, however the computer remains on all day. thanks.


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I guess i'm not really sure what you are looking for then?

You're NB fan died, right? So you either need to replace it or get a nice large heatsink to go on there.
Option 1 - check the abit web site, order a direct replacement at your leasure.

Option 2 - I Kludged a crystal orb fan in. The sink will probably be the wrong size so you end up with attachment problem. I took the fan out off the heatsink and used double sided thermal tape (left over from a ram cooler kit) to attach it to the old heat spreader. Watch your fingers. There will be no blade guard and and the blades break off (and cleave fingers) easily.

Option 3 - use SAZAARs 's passive cooler, or a convenient alternate. Most NF2 MB have a really puny passive cooler and still overclock fine. Mine does.

Warning. If you have to pull the old cooler off and its glued instead of screwed you risk pulling up the Northbridge.


...will circle this city
thanks for that suggestion sazar, because i was also thinking about something like this . so now i know that i will go with that. thanks all, my mind is at ease :)


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I am also gonna move this thread to general hardware since you might get more hits there and more people might have suggestions :)

not really benchmarking related if you are not oc'ing :cool:

with a passive heatsink you dont have to worry about it failing :D



...will circle this city
sounds good to me. i think that my mindset at the time was "it's having to do with cooling" lol. i definatly think that i will go passive in this case. and if i choose to OC later, i'll get a fan back on it.

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